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Custom Walking Canes and Unique Pieces of Art Crafted from Wood

Larry with his custom guitar walking canes.

I’m Larry Maxie owner and wood craftsman of Maxie Woodcrafts. I design and create custom walking canes and other unique pieces of art from wood. Our designs are one of a kind crafts hand made right here at my shop in Montgomery , Alabama.

Our custom guitar walking canes function perfectly as a walking stick. But more than that, it will help with your quality of life and something you will be proud to take out and use.

We believe our canes are a work of art that do more than serve its purpose as its craftsmanship and detail will help you feel more confident using a walking cane. My customers have also referred to my canes as the world’s first NO SHAME WALKING CANE .


Thanks for stopping by the site and please check out all of our products! If you don’t see something you like please contact me. I’m sure I can create a piece specially for you.


Bradley Lucell with Custom Guitar Walking CaneGuitar Walking Canes Store

TESTIMONIALS A beautifully crafted and incredibly functional piece of workmanship and creativity. Every detail is astonishing. From the tuners and head stock, throughout the neck, and into its shapely body and grip for my hand. Read more customer testimonials.


Our Guitar Walking Canes featured on Simply Southern Television Show.

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