I’m Larry Maxie Founder, Designer and Craftsman for Maxie Woodcrafts!

Larry Maxie in his shop using the latheHello, my name’s Larry the founder of Maxiewoodcrafts.com. My latest creation is a Custom Walking Cane designed like a real Guitar.

Inspiration and Beginning

My inspiration came from a walking cane I purchased and brought back from Uganda while on a mission trip with our church. Sitting in my car one day listening to music with my cane I noticed that I was holding and playing it like a guitar. I quickly thought that’s a great idea, a walking cane designed like a real guitar!  And that was the beginning of crafting my custom Guitar Walking Canes.

I was so inspired I began the following day constructing my first walking cane in my  wood shop. I elected to craft my Guitar Canes with mahogany wood which is very hard, durable and resist warping or twisting. Mahogany finishes beautifully and is often used for musical instruments, particularly the backs, sides and necks of acoustic guitars and drum shells.  Mahogany is also very popular as a body wood for electric guitars, popularized initially by Gibson Guitar Corporation.

Finishes and Coatings

I finish some canes with natural wood tone stains and apply several layers of a clear protective polyurethane; the toughest of the clear coatings.  Some are finished with tong oil or linseed oil resulting in a hand-rubbed luster coating that makes the grain pop and is also extremely durable. Some canes are finished with a colored stain or creatively painted and a top coat is applied to protect the finish and give it a beautiful glossy shine.

Really there’s no limit to the different styles or shapes of Guitar Canes or colors. The type and finish really depends on one’s taste. Some people prefer the natural wood tone finish, some prefer painted, while some prefer a touch of both. I’m the artist aiming to satisfy my customers taste!

Crafting and Assembly

I cut all my parts for the body, neck, fret board and end piece from mahogany wood as well. Using my scroll saw, wood plane, wood lathe, dremel tool and table saw I hand craft all parts. Each piece is then carefully assembled just like you would build a real guitar. For strength and durability the body of the guitar is joined to the neck and end piece using two 3 ½ inch metal dowels. The fret board is very realistic and cemented to the neck with high strength wood glue using wood clamps.

After the main pieces are bonded and setup for a 24 hours I remove the clamps and begin cutting slots for the copper wire frets to be inserted. Holes are drilled for the marker dots to be inserted on the fret board.  Shelf pins are used as the tuning keys and various other items are custom designed and used to it make look like a real Guitar.  

A shoulder strap is added so you never need to lean or lay your cane down at any time. Each of my canes are signed and numbered.

The last and one of the most important pieces added is the cane tip.

My Thoughts

I do not get in a hurry with making these canes. I take my time to ensure the beauty of each cane is achieved. It’s very relaxing designing these canes. I’m amazed at the end result of the beauty of each cane. Then I think of the joy people will get while using these canes.

I myself am amazed at the attention one receives while out for the day. It takes away the shame of depending on a walking cane to get around and that is where my NO SHAME CANE came into existence. Now that will surely allow you to walk with your head held high and wear a really big smile.

The Cane that I brought back from Uganda.

Maxie’s Legacy Guitar Walking Cane. The very first one made May 2013