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Guitar Canes at Richards Cafe in Whites Creek TN

Guitar Canes now at Ri'chards

My guitar canes are now available at If you happen to be in Nashville you can see them displayed in the Cafe.

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Interview by”Humans of the River Region”

Interview by Pat Aitkens

Maxie Wood Crafts and His Custom Wood Walking Canes

So what does a man do who has always earned a living from working with his hands and by the sweat of his brow but is now on disability? A man that has worked hard in the steel fabrication industry but because of that same hard work has undergone seven back surgeries, the first one back in 1979 and the last one in 2013. He now has twenty eight  screws, two plates and a couple of bars in his backā€¦so much steel in fact that it is ironic since moving heavy steel was the cause of his predicament in the first place.

“A man that now can no longer lift anything over five pounds and has to walk with the assistance of a cane”. 

Meet Larry Maxie , a man I first saw in church several months ago with the most unusual cane ...

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